Nov 09, 2007 4:24pm Bobby Sansone


Wow, have people really lost faith in the beans that quickly? Bri was the only owner to vote the Beans as the team to beat. Well, let me assure everyone that there is no panic and the Beans will secure the NFC Bye in the coming weeks.

The beans hit a rut largely in part to ineffective play from Lamont Jordan and Travis Henry. Both players have been benched in favor of two of the better players I acquired this season in Justin Fargas and Jesse Chatman. Jay Cutler and Plaxico Burress are healthy. Braylon Edwards and Dallas Clark are still in the midst of career seasons and don't forget about Clinton Portis. The same Clinton Portis that everyone gave up on BUT me.

The Beans will win 3 of their final 4 games including this weekend against the Llamas. There is no way I'm blowing a 6-1 start to this season.

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