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I am super excited about this weekend's YFFL action, so much is still left to be determined. The parity in the the YFFL this year is unreal, so many mathmatical possibilities. I haven't been this excited in a long time. With two teams having a chance to get in, who could really ask for more. Unless I was Mike who is already sitting pretty. Look for Reggie Bush to make a big impact this weekend, and for the Eaters to upset the Buddies. My new most hated player has to be K Josh Brown, he single handely made it a lot tougher on the Boys this weekend, by going for 14 points in the Mallards 7 point victory. Good luck to everyone this weekend, we should be in for a roller-coaster of a ride.

Posted By: Chris Davidson  Date: Dec 01, 2006 1:02pm

Chris Davidson Everyone! Chris Davidson!

Posted By: Mike Kinsman  Date: Dec 01, 2006 1:12pm

YFFL! Chris Davidson! Go Eaters!

Posted By: Brian Davidson  Date: Dec 02, 2006 2:28am

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