Nov 22, 2006 11:54am Brian Davidson

American East

Both the Refugees and Poop are in the top 6 in scoring. They might be 5-6, but they are both top ten teams! The league is real even this year, but its a slap in the face to see the Mallards ranked above Poop. I have numerous reasons but I won't go in to them. I know these are just rankings and they are very subjective(all rankings are just ask Jeter and Ortiz), but come on....Take the two best players away from any team and see if they can compete. Bear Poop has the best TE in the league, a top 10 running back, this team is not just Tom and Chad...People should really stop hating on Poop...Owners should really hope the Refugees win this week, because you do not want to see Bear Poop in the playoffs!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone....

Nov 22, 2006 12:45pmSteve Dugas

Bri- once i took a look at the week befores rankings and saw that most of the top ten lost that it was going to be a rough week doing the power rankings. with so many teams at 5 wins i spent nearly an hour trying to sort everything out without doing a whole new power rankings compared to the weeks before. i was getting so frustrated ranking the teams was about to either call in kevin for an assist or just rank a good charge of the teams alphabettically.

i knew placing the mallards so high would raise some eyebrows, but other than mikes two teams there really has been another team playing better of late. they've won 5 of 6, including 4 in a row and are averaging 48 points a game during that span and have landed 4 players in the top 30 overall.

hopefully the teams sort themselves out a little better this coming week so that the final power rankings of the season looks a little more logical.

heres a break down by team of the top 30 and top 35
Top 30 Top 35
Boys 4 Boys 4
Mallards 4 Dragons 4
Dragons 3 Mallards 4
Merry Men 3 Chickens 3
Brothers 2 Eaters 3
Buddies 2 Merry Men 3
Chickens 2 Refugees 3
Poop 2 Brothers 2
Refugees 2 Buddies 2
Thugs 2 Poop 2
Eaters 1 Thugs 2
Huskers 1 Huskers 1

The reason im showing you this because when it came down to stacking up so many teams that are so similar in record and everyone is in the same ballpark for points scored (7 teams between 399-450) i looked at who would be a tougher game, and the answer is the teams with more players having good seasons.

hopefully the power rankings will be a little easier to tackle. good luck to everyone this weekend, the playoff picture might be a little clearer after the dust settles, and have a happy thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2006 12:45pmSteve Dugas

those two lists looked a lot better when i typed them out, it didnt know it would take away my spacing

Nov 22, 2006 2:53pmKevin Sansone

Steve I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on this, but your Top 30 argument is quite possibly the most retarded thing i have ever heard.

Nov 22, 2006 3:39pmSteve Dugas

kevin, im sorry that you are mad because you have so few players who are playing well this season and are stuck with the manning curse.

Nov 22, 2006 10:18pmMike Kinsman


Your teams fucking blow. Bring it on. I only fear one team in this league and it's BEAR POOP!

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