Sep 21, 2006 10:38am Chris Davidson


Not really sure how the Big Boys can throw up 60 and lay a beat down on the Merry Men and fall in the rankings. I guarantee they will give the Dragons all they can handle in the NFC East. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Sep 21, 2006 12:30pmBobby Sansone

Well, it is hard to rank teams after only two weeks of play. I take a lot of things into consideration such as injuries, points scored, oppenents record, players who haven't come back down to earth yet, etc.

There's probably some teams that are too high (Merry Men) and other that are too low (Boys) but keep winning and once we get deeper into the season it will be easier to determine who's for real and who isn't.

P.S. I feel like the YFFL Season hasn't even started yet. When's someone going to raise some hell??? When is the AFC East going to defend themselves??? When is someone going to beat one of my teams???

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