Aug 25, 2006 4:25pm Mike Kinsman


you never play your own team steve...

Aug 25, 2006 4:28pmMike Kinsman

as a matter of fact, you have NEVER played yourself. I know for a fact you play with yourself in other facets of life... Something needs to be done about this. Your teams are brutal. I am stealing your bannar on Sunday and giving to Aceto.

Aug 25, 2006 7:12pmSteve Dugas

well mike, when i create the schedule, i do it based on the previous years standings, since the Merry Men finished in first and the Chickens finished in second they dont play each other this year. the first 3 weeks of the season every one plays the other teams that finished in the same place as they did in each division. since the Merry Men always finish better than the Mallards they never get to play each other. As for not playing the Chickens during rivalry week they play the Huskers because they came into the league together and Kev and I are very competitive among with each other. The other 9 games are made up of playing everyone in your division twice and playing the 3 remaining teams in the conference once. I also always make the schedule right after the season ends so that it is done far in advance of the NFL announcing their schedule so that i cant be accused of making the YFFL schedule while knowing the NFL one. Perhaps things will go well for us this season and we will meet in the Super Bowl

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