Dec 18, 2005 7:05pm Chris Davidson

Tight Ends

Well, I am beside myself at this point. I live by the tight end and die by the tight end. I thought that Michael Bennett would have a better chance at scoring then Chris Cooley, only 3 scores on the season, but boy was I way off. I guess I should have just stayed with what got me this far. 3 touchdowns and 20 total points. It sucks that the Boys beat the Dragons twice by an average of 22 points and now when it counts, it looks like a long shot at best. At least I will go down to a class act. By the way I still think the Favre trade was a quality one for the Boys, regardless of the outcome of this game.

Dec 18, 2005 7:20pmBrian Davidson

Cooley is a great player! Hey atleast Darrell Jackson scored...

Dec 19, 2005 10:43amJon Kinsman

Hey Chris, great game - it's always good to see two of "the original 10" square off with a Super Bowl on the line. Even with a career game from Tiki, I was still nervously watching the Colts game once Manning started firing away in Reggie Wayne's direction.

Congratulations on a great season. It's been touched on a little in articles this week, but I think people forget how dominant Chris was in the early years of this league. It was great to renew a classic rivalry this weekend.

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