Oct 13, 2005 11:33pm Anthony Aceto

just kidding

steve, don't take shit so personally, can we have some fun with this league?

ps i posted your first email before i saw the second one and i never would have done it if i had seen the second one first.

you are a quality owner steve, i was just messing around and i hope you aren't too pissed.

Oct 14, 2005 12:22pmMike Kinsman

same here weavey! Im just messin around with you.. I will just stick to making fun of aceto for a week or so then Ill get bored and start making comments about you sleeping in Steve Air's old room or running gibbons over with the buggy...

Aceto... How many dudes have you blown in order to be upgraded from coffee bitch in NYC? Ill trade you the buddies for the white guys and refugees if you throw in the buddies next three first round picks... let me know... its on the table

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