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Player Awards

Most Valuable Player

Year Player Team Points
1993Jerry RiceChickens100 pts
1994Emmitt SmithEaters138 pts
1995Emmitt SmithEaters150 pts
1996Terry AllenChickens112 pts
1997Terrell DavisBoys108 pts
Brett FavreBoys180 pts
1998Steve YoungExpress230 pts
1999Peyton ManningDragons150 pts
2000Daunte CulpepperMerry Men170 pts
2001Jeff GarciaThugs176 pts
2002Priest HolmesHuskers190 pts
2003Ahman GreenThugs138 pts
2004Peyton ManningDragons286 pts
2005Shaun AlexanderMerry Men174 pts
Carson PalmerBrothers176 pts
2006LaDainian TomlinsonChickens222 pts
2007Tom BradyPoop282 pts
2008Drew BreesLlamas178 pts
2009Drew BreesLlamas215 pts
2010Aaron RodgersDragons180 pts
2011Aaron RodgersDragons269 pts
2012Peyton ManningBuddies200 pts
2013Peyton ManningBuddies295 pts
2014Andrew LuckThugs257 pts
2015Carson PalmerBrothers191 pts
2016Aaron RodgersDragons212 pts
2017Todd GurleyWhite Guys116 pts

Rookie of the Year

Year Player Team Points
1993Jerome BettisPoop28 pts
1994Marshall FaulkBoys82 pts
1995Curtis MartinWhite Guys68 pts
1996Eddie GeorgeGooks44 pts
1997Warrick DunnBuddies52 pts
1998Randy MossBuddies88 pts
1999Edgerrin JamesThugs82 pts
2000Jeff GarciaThugs102 pts
2001LaDainian TomlinsonChickens66 pts
2002Donte' StallworthMerry Men42 pts
2003Anquan BoldinThugs24 pts
2004Antonio GatesChickens84 pts
2005Ronnie BrownPoop52 pts
2006Marques ColstonMallards60 pts
2007Adrian PetersonWhite Guys110 pts
2008Matt ForteDragons90 pts
2009Percy HarvinOrangutangs64 pts
2010Dez BryantOrangutangs64 pts
2011A.J. GreenBoys66 pts
2012Robert Griffin IIIBeans166 pts
2013Eddie LacyBrothers66 pts
2014Cody ParkeyEaters123 pts
Kelvin BenjaminRefugees68 pts
2015Marcus MariotaBeans142 pts
2016Ezekiel ElliottChickens132 pts
2017Deshaun WatsonBuddies137 pts

Macor Misa

Year Player Team Points
2005Joey GallowayMerry Men72 pts
2006Marques ColstonMallards60 pts
2007Derek AndersonWhite Guys100 pts
2008Thomas JonesBoys110 pts
Lance MooreHuskers66 pts
2009Miles AustinMallards74 pts
2010Peyton HillisThugs106 pts
2011Victor CruzChickens56 pts
2012Alfred MorrisPoop70 pts
2013Knowshon MorenoHuskers102 pts
2014Justin ForsettOrangutangs68 pts
2015Devonta FreemanBoys96 pts
2016Dwayne AllenThugs38 pts
2017Case KeenumThugs76 pts

Owner of the Year

Year Owner Record
1993 Mike Kinsman 20-13-1
1994 Chris Davidson 17-11-2
1995 Brian Davidson 16-11-1
1996 Chris Davidson 16-10-2
1997 Chris Davidson 19-9
1998 Chris Davidson 20-8
1999 Jon Kinsman 18-6-2
2000 Steve Dugas 10-3
2001 Mike Kinsman 17-9
2002 Kevin Sansone 12-1
2003 Brian Davidson 20-6
2004 Mike Kinsman 19-7
2005 Brian Davidson 17-9
2006 Mike Kinsman 19-7
2007 Kevin Sansone 17-9
2008 Kevin Sansone 20-5-1
2009 Bobby Sansone 17-9
2010 Mike Kinsman 17-9
2011 Steve Dugas 19-7
2012 Mike Kinsman 17-9
2013 Mike Kinsman 18-8
2014 Jon Kinsman 20-6
2015 Brian Davidson 16-10
2016 Kevin Sansone 19-7
2017 Anthony Aceto 18-7-1